Jetpack shooter Midair is worth a look for Tribes fans


The closed beta just launched on Steam

Like Tribes? You should check out Midair. I was always too terrible at skiing to stand a chance in these jetpack-wearing shooters, but if you’ve still got the muscle memory, you’ll be right at home here.

The only catch is that right now, it’s in Early Access. It just popped up earlier today, in fact. Archetype Studios has been working on Midair for several years now and plans to fully launch in Q1 2018 as a free-to-play title bolstered by a “progression pass” and “in-game cosmetic sales.”

More on that pricing model: “We want players to be able to jump in and have fun without needing to pay money to get the best weapons or abilities. For free to play users, we will have a progression system that does require the user to move their way up a progression ladder and unlock items related to gameplay. If this isn’t for you, we are offering a ‘Progression Pass’ that has one simple effect: It unlocks everything gameplay related. Forever. This means that if we add new gameplay content in the progression ladder, you get it for free no matter when we add it. Think of it as buying the game.”

That sounds reasonable and also necessary for a game like this to sustain itself long-term. Currently, Midair is $30. Folks who buy the game now will get the progression pass for free at launch next year.

Midair [Steam]