Jett: The Far Shore is hitting PS5, PS4, and PC in 2021


Superbrothers’ latest had been aiming for holiday 2020

As intriguing as Superbrothers’ latest game looks, Jett: The Far Shore has admittedly started to slip through the cracks while higher-profile launch-window PlayStation 5 games hog all of the spotlight. We haven’t heard much about the far-out sci-fi adventure since its showing at Sony’s PS5 event in June.

Today, the team announced that it needs more time – Jett is now aiming for a 2021 release on PlayStation 5, PS4, and PC (on the Epic Games Store). “Hectic times, so we’ve revised our trajectory.”

Now that the PS5 launch lineup has come into focus, I’m not sure I even have the time or money set aside for this one in 2020 anyway. Superbrothers needs to unravel more of this mysterious game, though I suspect we’ll still have to go out on a limb and experience it for ourselves to truly “get it.”

Jett to Deploy in 2021 [Superbrothers HQ]