Jonas Neubauer highlight tribute reminds me that I'm still not over the loss of him



It’s been a little over three weeks since Jonas Neubauer, arguably the greatest DAS Tetris player of all time and more importantly a wonderful human being, was taken from this Earth. Speaking as someone who was welcomed into his Twitch community for the past few years, it hasn’t been easy since then for those who enjoyed his streams. I thought I was doing a bit better this week and could stand to go back on Twitch, then I watched AGameScouts’ tribute video, and now I’m back to being sad again.

While in the current context it has a sad connotation, it is amazing to look back on what Jonas managed to accomplish in his 39 short years on this Earth. Not just the seven Classic Tetris World Championships, but also the mark he has left on the Tetris community as a whole through his positive demeanor.

It’s an odd feeling to be sad over the death of someone I never met, but I guess this is the stark reality of living in an age when communication has few barriers. For those who are willing, a memorial fund is still being crowd-sourced in Jonas’ memory and to help his family through the horrible time they find themselves in.