Jotun's newest boss is a huge thunder woman


She’s like Storm but terrifyingly big

Jotun is looking pretty neat. It’s a top-down game that gives me more than a bit of a Titan Souls-meets-Shadow of the Colossus vibe, except it also features environmental puzzles and a pretty rad Norse mythology theme.

Up until now, we’ve only known about two of the Jotun that would be featured in the game: the adorableWinter Jotun Isa, and the Cave Jotun Féwith her Dwarven army.

Now developer Thunder Lotus Games has announced the third Jotun, and she’s basically Storm from X-Men,only cooler. Hagalaz, the Storm Jotun, is a giant woman made of clouds and thunder a lightning who fights by turning herself into electricity and other stormy tricks. You can see the trailer for her up top.

There is currently no release date for Jotun announced, however those who backed the Kickstarter campaign (which I did not) already have beta access.