Judeau and Casca confirmed for Berserk Warriors


It will go from Golden Age to Millennium Falcon

Famitsu just confirmed two new playable characters for Berserk Warriors, and as expected, they will be Band of the Hawk members. BothJudeau and Casca will be part of the cast, in addition to the already confirmed Griffith and Guts. Also, the magazine re-iterates that yes, the game will go past the Golden Age arc that’s been covered multiple times, up through theMillennium Falcon arc (the latter of which was the setting of the PS2 game).

As a side note, did anyone see the new Berserkanime that debuted last week? It didn’t start off as strongly as the original series, but it has a lot of room to grow and has a distinct new feel, thematically. The thing that bothers me most though is the use of CGI. It does notsuit Berserkat all. Static animation sequences in the original were a budget limitation, sure, but they meshed with the Gothic painting feel of the show.

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