Jump Force producer shares reason why Death Note characters won't be playable


If Capcom can make Phoenix Wright work, Light can too (also ask Arc for help when it comes to companion fighters)

We knew that Death Note‘s Light and Ryuk won’t be playable in the upcoming crossover fighter Jump Force, but now thanks to a statement from producerKoji Nakajima, we know why. Speaking to Game Informer, Nakajima stated:

There are a few things we consider. We want to choose characters that will be recognizable to everyone in the world, both in Japan and outside. We also consider how well-suited the character is to fighting, and whether they would be getting involved in fights in their series. Right, not everyone is suited to fighting, but might have a part in the story. The question of how all these universes came to ours will involve characters who aren’t necessarily selectable characters who are used to hitting each other.

Welp, it’s not happening for now at least. Yet, Arc System works pulls off unconventional fighters (especially light/dark and companion fighters) all the time, and Capcom has been known to put non-traditionally violent characters in — with the right designer it’s possible!

Jump Force’s Producer Explains Why Death Note Characters Aren’t Fighting And How They Choose Characters [Game Informer]