June's free PlayStation Plus games are for hoopin' and walkin'


Goin’ home and goin’ hard in the paint

The most prominent PlayStation Plus offering for June is a nice thematically-appropriate nod to the NBA Finals that are set to start in the coming days. And, because traveling isn’t called in the NBA anymore, the second most notable game features a lot of walking.

Sony just announced June’s free PlayStation Plus titles, and NBA 2K16is the one that most people will recognize. The Spike Lee Joint shares the PS4 spotlight with Gone Home, a game that is a lot of things.

Most of June’s other freebies are less high-profile. On PS3, Echochromeand Siren: Blood Curse(episodes 1-12) are up for grabs; PS Vita gets God of War: Chains of Olympusand Little Deviants.

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