Just Cause 3 now has quicker load times


Keep these updates coming

I’m not interested in the DLC for Just Cause 3 yet, even if it does come with a freakin’ jetpack wingsuit, but more improvements to the core game? Bring ’em! The latest update is now live on PC (and, in a shocking twist, has already been available for a few days now on consoles):

  • Reduced initial loading time and in-game loading screens by 20-50%
  • Fixed several memory leaks resulting in crashes
  • Reduced a number of random crashes
  • Improved streaming of game world
  • Some performance optimizations related to hitches and stuttering
  • Implemented DLC system in preparation of the Air, Land and Sea packages

Quicker loading is the motivation I need to get back in there and wrap up the story and side missions. If you’ve exhausted that content and want more, note that the Sky Fortress add-on (pictured above) is supposed to be out tomorrow, March 8 for expansion pass holders. The full release will happen a week later, on March 15. It’s $11.99 as a standalone and $24.99 with the other two packs.

PC Patch Now Live, Sky Fortress Release Date and Patch Notes [Steam]