Just listening to this data-mined P.T. audio is unnerving


Look behind you

On the opposite end of the spectrum from that absurdly funny fan-made Metal Gear Solid V animation that swapped in Norman Reedus’ character and Lisa from P.T., here we have another great find dug up by data miners: all the spooky scary voiced lines, some of which you’ve likely never heard.

This video by YouTube user AestheticGamer compiles all of the unsettling vocal audio from P.T. in one place, “not including all the baby sounds (as… Well, they’re baby sounds) or the son speeches (since those are in video files apparently and not in-game audio), but everything else.”

Yes, this is totally nerdy and scary, just the way I like it. P.T. will always live on in our hearts.

[Via NeoGAF]