Just look at some of these good superpowers in LEGO The Incredibles


Family matters

Marvelous, amazing, unbelievable, awesome — these are some of the synonyms for incredible that I considered using in the headline. When you’re writing about The Incredibles, the word incredible is kind of off the table. I eventually settled on “good” because, despite what you’ve heard, I am not a wordsmith.

But just take a gander at some of the neat stuff going on in the first LEGO The Incrediblesgameplay trailer. Stretchy Mom turns herself into a raft. Fast Boi runs across the water. StrongDad gets shirtless.

All of it looks like it’d make for a fine Pixar film, but it also looks like it’d fit perfectly in a LEGO game. That’s probably a good sign. If this is the first in a series of Pixar LEGOgames, I’m not sure there could’ve been a better starting point than The Incredibles.