Kaladesh Remastered is out in Magic: Arena, and you can get a free pack now


With the code ‘TRYKALADESH’

Kaladesh is back, and with it, an endless supply of Blossoming Defenses and Gearhulks. Man, that set was wild, wasn’t it? Well, sets, to be precise.

The 2016-2017 Kaladesh and Aether Revolt sets are now revived under one “remastered” banner in Magic: Arena, similar to how Wizards of the Coast handled Amonkhet. Out now, you can buy packs of the set to use in historic play (non-standard), but there are also going to be several events like sealed, traditional draft, premiere draft, and draft challenge modes.

You can get a free pack by entering the code “TRYKALADESH” in the store. Players can also nab a pack of free Kaladesh lands as a result of Wizards messing up the Zendikar land distribution: something I hope they keep doing indefinitely.

As for other Arenabusiness, the way tokens work in Arenahas been tweaked, so you don’t time out waiting multiple minutes for your opponent’s Scute Swarm to resolve. In short, Scute Swarm creates tokens, but can also clone itself if certain conditions are met: so it could clone into a clone, which could create more tokens. It can be chaos on certain PCs.

Other than that, a few bugs have been fixed, which is par for the course for Arena. Excuse me while I continue my Mythic climb with Mono-Red!

Patch Notes [Wizards of the Coast]