Kamen Rider City Wars gives off a Project X Zone vibe


Best Match, anyone?

Back when Bandai Namco announced Kamen Rider City Wars for the Android and iPhone, the trailer didn’t reveal how it would play. Thankfully, their second video confirms that it’s a mix between a strategy RPG and a beat ’em up.

Aside from battling grunts and monsters as your favorite Riders, you’ll get to build your own city. Of course, this feature grants the heroes different benefits. While the whole thing looks decent, the game deserves props for letting players listen to everyKamen Rider opening theme for free.

Since I started watching Kamen Rider Build, I was happy to hear “Be the One” during the new trailer. If Robo Panda Z’s favoriteKamen Rider Gaim character,Oren Pierre Alfonso/Kamen Rider Bravo, isn’t playable, then this game is worthless. In all seriousness, we’ll have to see if its roster goes beyond the main Riders.

Second PV for Kamen Rider City Wars Released with Additional Information [Daisuki Toku]