Kandagawa Jet Girls is headed west, according to PlayStation database


Watersports action crossing the seas

It looks like Marvelous’ cheesecake racer Kandagawa Jet Girls is getting set to make a splash in the west. A new listing for a localised edition of the PS4 jet-ski title has been discovered on the PlayStation Network database by those naughty spoilers over at GameStat.

Released in Japan back in January, Kandagawa Jet Girls is the video game adaptation of the “multimedia franchise” of the same name. The brand revolves around an all-women’s jet-ski tournament, focusing on the wacky antics of protagonists Rin Namiki and Misa Aoi – the titular “Kandagawa Jet Girls” – as they battle themed opposition such as the ninja-tastic team of the “Unkai Surfers,” tanned beach babes “MKHU,” and arrogant goths “Dress.”

Kandagawa Jet Girls allows player to race as their favourite team through a series of courses, taking tight turns and jumping stunt ramps, while their partner takes down the opposition with an arsenal of powerful (but harmless) weaponry. Since release, numerous stars from Marvelous’ equally eyebrow-raising Senran Kagura franchise have joined the roster as DLC characters, so no doubt they’ll also be winging their way west soon.

As this database discovery does not constitute an official reveal, there is no date or price for Kandagawa Jet Girls as of yet. We will keep you informed when more details become available.

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