Katamari Damacy composers confirmed for MAGFest 13


Lonely Rolling Staaaar

MAGFest, the Music and Games Festival, is going into its thirteenth year, and to celebrate they have some big musical guests lined up.Katamari Damacy composers Yuu Miyake and Yoshihito Yano will be…rolling into town this January.

Miyake is the primary composer and sound director for the Katamari series, and Yano is a fellow composer at Namco Bandai, and is also responsible for the Soul Calibur and Tekken series. Yano is behind the incredible Katamari song “Lonely Rolling Star.” I could listen to that song on loop for days on end.

MAGFest is set to kick off January 23-26, 2015, in National Harbor, MD. I’m going to go. You going?