Katamari Damacy Encore trademark spotted


I could go for a Katamari on the rocks

Here’s hoping a certain prince rolls into Tokyo Game Show later this month.

Watchful Katamari Damacy fans noticed two recently-filed trademarks for Bandai Namco’s roll-’em-up series. The first, Katamari Damacy Reroll, was registered in Europe. Now, a listing for Katamari Damacy Encore has shown up in Japan. The latter name certainly suggests a re-release of some sort, and it’s believed that both trademarks represent the same game given past naming tendencies.

I’ve already leapt down the YouTube rabbit hole that is this series’ eccentric taste in music.

Bandai Namco has had its fun with spin-offs these past few years, but the time is right: it’s been too dang long since we had a full-fledged game for consoles. I’d even be happy with a no-frills port.

[Via Gematsu]