Kaz knows


As seen at CES 2016

My favorite Twitter parody account, gaming-related or otherwise, is @KazHiraiCEO. By far. But I don’t even need to follow the faux Sony CEO account these days! Sooner or later, all of the tweets end up in the comments here. And they’re so darn funny that I don’t mind it one bit.

Based on this photo from The Verge out of the Consumer Electronics Show 2016, Kaz seems to like the tweets, too. (Or at least tolerates their continued existence and popularity.) What a good sport.

Live from Sony’s CES 2016 press event [The Verge via Wario64]

Here at CES I was able to show Sony’s most exciting product of the last 5 years: My Twitter account. pic.twitter.com/uQyWAQiMed

— CEO Kaz Hirai (@KazHiraiCEO) January 6, 2016