Kaze and the Wild Masks looks like a rad time for 16-bit fans


Maskally Wabbit

For those of you pining for the halcyon days of anthropomorphic mascots and 2D platformers, you might want to take a look at PixelHive’s upcoming adventure Kaze and the Wild Masks, which will come hop, skip, and jumping onto PC and consoles in March.

Taking its cue from the Sonics, Marios, Zools, and Bubsys of yore, (perhaps not the latter) Kaze and the Wild Masks in a side-scrolling platformer that sees our bunny hero, Kaze, on a dangerous quest to save their best pal from a curse that is plaguing their delightful world. Already pretty skilled in the ways of pit-jumping and head-bopping, Kaze can use a selection of animal-themed masks in order to add further unique skills to their repertoire.

For example, donning the Eagle mask will give Kaze new gliding abilities, donning the Shark mask will allow them to swim underwater, while the fearsome Tiger mask, (not Satoru Sayama), will equip Kaze with powerful pounce abilities. With these and more skills, Kaze will pick her way through 30-plus stages of pixelated goodness against an army of enraged… fruit ‘n’ veg?

Kaze and the Wild Masks launches March 26 on PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Switch.