Keep an eye on Paratopic if you're a Switch-owning horror fan


A port of the short but impactful horror game is coming in 2020

Steam and are a haven for small, strange, experimental horror games – look no further than the outstanding Haunted PS1 Demo Disc 2020 project – but it’s harder to find these experiences on consoles. Paratopic, an IGF-winning first-person horror adventure, is jumping to Nintendo Switch.

Out of deference to everyone who requested it, #Paratopic will be coming to Nintendo Switch, in partnership with @BaltoroGames.

Release date Soon â„¢

— Arbitrary Metric (@arbitrarymetric) July 2, 2020

Arbitrary Metric hasn’t settled on a release date (it’s just “this year” for now), but the custom-made in-engine teaser video is worth watching. I love it when creators get this pumped about Switch ports.

For more on Paratopic – enough to paint the lo-fi horror scene without divulging too much – here’s what Ray had to say about the original PC version in 2018. (No surprise here, he dug it.)

“At times it seems like an homage to Thirty Flights of Loving distilled through the lens of Silent Hill. Paratopic moves from one scene to another quickly, obliquely jumping around in its narrative as if to confuse and disarm, while its ominous and synthy soundtrack pushes you forward.” Feeling it?

Assuming the price is more or less consistent on the eShop, this should be a no-brainer.