Keiji Inafune: Is it too soon to start my next Kickstarter? (Fauxclusive)


Is it ever too soon?

Game developer Keiji Inafune asked himself today if it was too soon for him to start his next Kickstarter campaign.

In the minutes following Red Ash’s Kickstarter failure, Inafune paced around his office mentally going through his back catalog to figure out which classic game he can use nextto tug at the nostalgia strings of his increasingly irritated fan base.

“Do you think there are enough fans of Mega Man ZX to squeeze a couple hundred thousand bucks out of them?” Inafune pondered while playing a clearly unfinished version of Mighty No. 9. “What about Bugs vs. Tanks? Surely there’s about 3,000 fans of that I can take 100K from.”

Sources at Comcept said Inafune left for the day without making a decision on the Kickstarter, but did confirm he had already lined up a publisher for whatever it is he’ll attempt to make next.