Kero Blaster and Momodora 4 hopping and popping on PS4


Playism’s Station at Playstation Expo Exposed

Cave Storyhas influenced countless developers since it was first released twelve years ago, but few have been as prolific as Rdein. HisMomodora series are some of the best post-Cave Story action platformers on the market, though the fourth entry in the series stands head and shoulders above the rest. That’s probably why Playism, theever-growing East-meets-West game publishing outlet, has chosen to publish Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight on PS4.

They’re also partnering with Cave Story creator Daisuke ‘Pixel’ Amaya on bringing Kero Blaster, his latest 2D shooter/platformer, to the popular video game console. I’ve played through Cave Story about once a year since 2010, but I think about playing through Kero Blaster again about once a month. While it’s a smaller game than Cave Story, its ample New Game+ content and intense difficulty regularly tempt me to jump back in for a quick burst of fun.

Sadly, I’m constantly tempted to do actual work every time I sit down at a computer (sorry Owlboy!), so having the option to play the game again on a “fun only” machine like the PS4 will do a lot to help me focus on my golden frog janitorial duties.