KFC teaming up with Rainbow Six Siege for upcoming mystery event


Finger Licking, Door Kicking

Fast food outlet KFC is certainly doubling down on the gaming news this week. Yesterday saw the legendary chicken outlet drop its own dating sim on an unsuspecting gaming world, while today sees the tease of a partnership with Ubisoft’s tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege.

According to a new tweet on the “KFC Gaming” Twitter, September 23 will see an announcement about this new marriage made in hell. This announcement is accompanied by a teaser video which features footage of the online shooter, backed by tropey wrestle-metal ill-fitting to the Siege style. The video also promises that there is “cash and chicken to be won”…


This isn’t KFC’s first dive into gaming, and apparently won’t be their last, given that they’ve opened their own gaming division. Do you also remember when they added custom parts to make The Colonel in WWE 2K18? Or perhaps their virtual reality training sim?

We will keep you abreast of this event as the details unfold. In the meantime, Rainbow Six Siege officially begins its brand new season today. Operation Ember Rise adds Peruvian operators Amaru and Goyo, along with a reworked edition of the Kanal map. Say goodbye to all those windows.

Rainbow Six Siege is available now on PS4, PC and Xbox One.

September 23rd.

Stay tuned.#KFCR6 pic.twitter.com/ID8OVrqIeL

— KFC Gaming (@kfcgaming) September 9, 2019