Kill la Kill screens appear to show, shockingly, that new game may involve fighting


Bang goes my farming sim prediction

This weekend, Arc System Works announced that they would be publishing a new video game based on that anime series everyone tells you to watch, Kill la Kill.

The new game, which is being developed by A+ Games, has very little in the way of information, including dates or platforms, but a new website has opened and a few new screenshots have been released to get the hype motor running.

The screens featured show stars Satsuki and Ryuko engaging in one-on-one combat, though the camera is pulled out in a way that doesn’t denote standard a standard fighter system expected from the genre. Who knows, perhaps the game will be a little more stage based, like the Smash Bros. series, or will play more like the Dragon Ball Xenoverse titles, rather than something like Dragon Ball FighterZ?

Again, this is all speculation. Speaking of which, the full tentative title for the new game is Kill la Kill The Game IF, “IF” being a trope designed to imply that the story will take place outside of canon, and deal with speculative “Imagine if…” stituations.

Kill la Kill The Game is currently in development at A+ Games. More details will be revealed at Anime Expo 2018, which takes place in L.A. next month.