Killer Instinct is now on Steam


Time to uninstall Windows 10

The excellent Killer Instinct may have come to PC last year, but now you won’t actually need to have Windows 10 installed to play it. Just today, Microsoft’s revival of the classic Rare fighter has made the jump to Steam. You can currently grab the game for 25% off its regular price, although $40 for the whole shebang isn’t too shabby.

That is right; Killer Instinct isn’t being offered as a free-to-play game on Steam. There is a single purchase option that will net you all three seasons of characters, all costumes, the story mode, the dojo training mode and every available stage. For some reason, the KI Gold currency is still in place, so I guess microtransactions are included.

For those curious, Killer Instinct on Steam will feature cross-play between the previous PC port and Xbox One players, it just won’t carry over any purchases. If you already own the game on Windows 10, then you’ll have to rebuy it to get it on Steam. I personally wouldn’t do that since Killer Instinct was one of the few UWP apps to run with any kind of smoothness. If you haven’t picked up the game, though, this is probably the best way to do it.

Killer Instinct [Steam]