Killing Floor 2 introduces new new advanced gore tech, free content


Will not reset stats as of today

At the first ever PC Gaming Show at E3, Tripwire Interactive took the stage to announce that they will be bringing a brand new advanced gore tech mechanic to Killing Floor 2, which will come by way of a free update. The gist is that bits and pieces of various body parts will be “hanging from the ceilings,” and “flowing like lava” in-game.

Additionally,Killing Floor 2willget an “Incinerate N’ Detonate pack,” soon which comes with new content, as well as two new perks and new weapons, like the Firebug Shotgun that shoots flames. Tripwire Interactive has also announced that they will not reset any stats as of today in the Early Access program, so you can play now without fear of losing anything.

Killing Floor 2currently has no final release date and is still in Early Access at the moment.