Killing Floor 2 murders its way onto Xbox One next month


Xbox One X support, as well

If you’ve been dying to kill stuff with buddies in the blood filled Killing Floor 2, but only own an Xbox One, then today is a good day for you. Launching next month on August 29, Tripwire Interactive has announced thatKilling Floor 2will be shooting its way on over to Xbox One with some timed exclusive content. The game will retail for $39.99/£ 34.99 (UK)/€39.99 (EU)and will include all previously released DLC packs.

If you don’t own the XBone, but you’re looking to pick up the Xbox One X, then you’re also in for a treat! When the refreshed console launches on November 7, Killing Floor 2will have support ready to go.

One of the new guns mentioned is a Freezethrower, which is exactly what it sounds like. You’ll be able to spray liquid nitrogen at zeds (this game’s version of zombies) and then shatter them with melee attacks. There will also be some new armor called the “Wasteland Armor” and a bunch of extra skins for it.

As for what the Xbox One X patch will include, the obvious is 4K resolution (seeing as how Microsoft is in love with that). Tripwire Interactive also mentions increased performance, higher resolution textures and increased shadow-fade-out-distance. That sounds ever so vital to the experience.