Killing Floor 2 now has full Steam Workshop integration


Now it’s easier to get to player-made maps and mods

Last week I wrote that Tripwire Interactive isbringing a competitive mode to Killing Floor 2. Some of you are excited to see how that turns out, and others would prefer the game to stick to its cooperative roots. Today, Tripwire announced that people who like to murder on the ground (eh? eh?) will be able to utilize full Steam Workshop integration and start downloading user-generated maps and mods. That means if you aren’t happy with the upcoming Versus mode but still want more content to play, there’s going to be an abundance to choose from as folks start tinkering with the game.

Tripwire has found a way to make Killing Floor 2‘s workshop a little more intuitive than most games on Steam. Clients and servers are able to subscribe to maps and mods so that they’ll automatically stay up-to-date. This cuts out the re-direct server in the middle, so people that want to enjoy player-made content can spend less time fiddling with updates. Tripwire President John Gibson says that this type of implementation leads to “a complete circle that makes it so much easier for modders to get their content in the hands of players,” so hopefully this leads to a ton of creative, accessible mods and maps. The update is already live, though there’s not a huge wealth of stuff to check out yet. Some of the maps that won Tripwire’s Grindhouse mapping contest are available, in addition to some recolored monsters.

Some of the mods that Tripwire made (like Boss Challenge and Pop the Cyst) should be coming online relatively soon as well. This should make waiting for the next official update easier. And here I was, thinking I was going to a break from this game.