Killing Floor 2 sends you to prison with a sexy lever action rifle


Now, I’m no gun nut, but dang, girl

The Sharpshooter perk/class in the first Killing Floorwas a fan favorite for many reasons. The two most important are that it made taking down big Zeds like Fleshpounds and Scrakes easier, and that the Lever Action Rifle was so damn fun to use. Killing Floor 2‘s Early Access launch didn’t include Sharpshooter, and almost a year later, it still isn’t in the game. It’s been a long, painful wait, but Tripwire Interactive is starting to show off renders of the new Lever Action Rifle.

Here’s what it looks like now:

I’ll miss the ring sight from the first game, but otherwise the Winchester 1894 looks hawt. That wood grain. That knurling on the metal plate. Mmm. The crossbow is also in the works, but the render isn’t finalized yet. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the weapons look like. Whenever this update comes out, we’ll be testing out these weapons in a new Prison map. I’ll have Tripwire set the scene for you: “Now also coming with these two weapons is a new map we’ve been working on. Imagine yourself rushing to escape the dark as the freezing cold and the zeds approach. A walled and fortified looking structure offers perceived safety. But how long can you survive in this old Soviet era relic? Welcome to the Prison.”

If there’s not a guard tower that I can snipe from, I’m quitting my floor-killing career (no I’m not).