Killing Floor 2's Gunslinger weapons revealed


Summon your inner Ocelot

I’ve been a bad, busy boy. As the self-appointed Killing Floor 2and Dungeons & Dragonsguy, I’ve failed you, my friends. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. But now I’m back!

Tripwire Interactive has been showing off the weapons for the upcoming Gunslinger perk. Attached are pictures of the 1858 Revolver, the M1911 (with silly KF2 engravings), the Desert Eagle, and the .500 Magnum Revolver. Whenever the next update hits, you can roleplay as Revolver Ocelot himself, though you won’t have his exact guns. Maybe someday!

There are other teased changes: instead of only having a flashlight on certain weapons, each player will have a body flashlight, and there will be more volume sliders for optimal audio experience. I’m not sure how I feel about the flashlight change, since that seemed like it was a component of weapon balance. We’ll also be seeingKilling Floor 2 at PlayStation Experience, so we’ll finally know more about the upcoming PlayStation 4 port.

WWAUT – Rounding Out The Collection [Tripwire Interactive]