King Dedede is your best new virtual pet friend


Poop, sleep, eat, life: This is Dedede

We all thought that Paperbeatsscissors had already conquered the Internet with this Hulk/Hulk designer t-shirt, but it turns out it was just getting warmed up. Now it has gone and made a new Tamagotchi-style virtual pet for you computer starring Smash Bros. and Kirby series icon King Dedede.

Paperbeatsscissors has done plenty of Dedede fan art in the past, but this is the first time I’ve seen it actually bring the king to life. Now that I’ve met him, I plan to keep him open in another window for the rest of my days, checking in on him every few minutes to clean up his poo and witness his existence. Sadly, he probably won’t exist for too much longer on my watch. He’s already died once while I’ve been working on this post.

This kind of toy-game-thing would make for great pre-installed software on the next Nintendo console. Throw some amiibo support in there and you got a surefire NX killer app on your hands.