King of Fighters 2000 back to rumble on PS4 and Xbox One


One of the forgotten entries returns to the ring

This week’s classic releases from the retro-friendly Hamster Games includes another cool title from SNK’s long-running KoF series. Mark the hopes of a new millenium with The King of Fighters 2000, on PS4 and Xbox One.

Originally launched in arcades and on the Neo Geo platform, KoF 2000 saw the series embroiled in its struggle to reinvent the series for a new generation. KoF 2000 not only saw characters designs move away from more traditional combatants and into the realms of eccentric fashion, but the game mechanics themselves were tweaked for the sake of variety.

The second chapter in the interminable NESTS saga, KoF 2000 also brings the Active Striker system to bear, allowing characters to call in assists from a choice of buddies, taken from a wide variety of previous KoF entries and other SNK titles.

KoF 2000 would be the final King of Fighters title released by SNK under their original banner, before the company filed for bankruptcy and were then resurrected as SNK Playmore. KoF 2000 was also the only entry to that point not to receive a home Neo Geo release in the West, though it would eventually be ported to the Sega Dreamcast and the PS2.

The King of Fighters 2000 is available today on PS4 in Japan and Xbox One worldwide, priced at $8.