King of Fighters XIV 3.01 hopes to fix Cronenberg-esque body horror issue


Also tweaks new members of the KoF crew

An awesome new update recently brought balance changes and cool new characters to SNK’s fighting title The King of Fighters XIV. Unfortunately, it also brought a nightmarish bug to some on the receiving end of Robert Garcia’s command grab.

As you can see in the images below certain fighters, such as Chang and Nakoruru, would momentarily morph when hit with the fast-kicking grab attack. Despite the comical side-effect of making these characters look like extras from Brian Yuzna’s Society, SNK have thought it best to put forward a patch eliminating the issue.

Alongside the bug fix, Update 3.01 will also tweak issues pertaining to the new characters, including fixes to hitboxes, move whiffs and other glitches. Superfan @frionel26 has listed some of the translated patch notes on their twitter. As of yet there is no scheduled release date for Update 3.01.

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