King of Fighters XIV is coming to Steam this month, a beta is on the way


Here’s hoping for good netcode

I’ve been saying since its launch that King of Fighters XIVdeserves more respect. Sure, visually it looks ugly as sin, especially compared to the beautiful Guilty Gear Xrd, but it plays well, it has a massive roster, and shipped with an arcade mode (heyo).

Well thankfully it’s breaking the chains of being stuck on the PS4, as SNK has announced that the game is coming to Steam…”this May.” Wait, that’s this month! Yep, apparently pre-orders and a closed beta are planned for later this month, which doesn’t leave much time for the beta to actually play out if it’s still arriving by the end of May.

Lately I’ve been playing Rock/Terry/Joe to some success, and I think I’m going to just stick with PS4. That said, I’m eager to try out the PC version and I hope it finds a decent community (and shows well at EVO this year).

SNK [Twitter]