Kingdom Come: Deliverance is ready to go to war tomorrow


The kingdom, the power, and the glory are all yours

Remember two weeks ago when we discussed Kingdom Come: Deliveranceand the earmarks of an effective trailer? One day before release, Kingdom Come‘s back with a new approach and the same outcome.

This time, it’s a monologue welcoming new inductees into the Community of the Monks of Saint Benedict. The urging to serve God is transposed against beatings, torture, and murder. It’s a stark contrast that maybe didn’t feel so stark back in the 1400s.

Still, everything feels properly medieval — especially when the music beats line up to the clanks of swords against armor. It’s officially a launch trailer, but calling it a trebuchet trailer would’ve been more on-brand. It gets the point across, though. We step back to the Middle Ages tomorrow, and there’s a lot of baggage to sort through.