Kingdom Hearts cloud Switch is having launch issues and got a patch


What a ride for a cloud game

Kingdom Hearts cloud is out, and it’s been rocky for folks ever since it dropped. In response, a patch just arrived.

So what’s the deal? Well, crashing. In a cloud game. Fans have been reporting numerous launcher Kingdom Hearts cloud crash incidents since launch, with anomalies like it working on handheld/tabletop mode, but crashing in TV mode.   Wild, I know, especially since you’re paying to own the game, but the right to play it for a bit. In other words, it behooves Square Enix to fix it as quickly as possible. Since it’s the Nintendo eShop refunds have been harder to come by according to folks on Twitter, even in the face of these bugs.

A patch has been since issued by Square Enix, and here’s the vague statement on it:

“Today we’ve also launched a day 1 patch. This will fix various bugs which occur whilst playing either the full or demo versions of each Kingdom Hearts game on Nintendo Switch. #KH20th”

Patching a cloud game so that it works day one. It’s a crazy world we live in.

This news comes amid the announcement that Dying Light 2 cloud is delayed for quality control reasons to “up to six months.” Maybe with the next generation of Nintendo hardware we won’t need these cloud experiences? Or maybe they’ll all be cloud experiences so publishers can ultimately just not sell you games anymore, but charge you for rentals, as the industry moves further into a wasteland. Flip a coin!