Kingdom Hearts IV is officially announced, with an accompanying trailer


There hasn’t been a release date set yet

It’s official: the next numbered entry in the Kingdom Hearts series is on the way. Kingdom Hearts IV is officially confirmed to be in early development.

The news came as part of the series’ 20th anniversary celebration. Square Enix and Disney showed off the trailer as the cap-off of a multi-game showcase. You can find the whole run, with English subtitles, below:

Kingdom Hearts IV will follow a new storyline for Sora, Donald, and Goofy, dubbed the “Lost Master Arc.” In the trailer, we see Sora wake up in a surprisingly more realistic world than normal. A girl—who appears to be Strelitzia—greets Sora and informs him he’s been asleep since he arrived in this world seven days prior.

It’s revealed that they’re in Quadratum, the world seen in the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts III and Re Mind DLC. A massive Heartless soon shows up, and Sora sets off to fight it, where we get to see some gameplay as well.

There are some hooded, mysterious figures, and even a final tease of Donald and Goofy. Possibly Hades from Hercules, too? That’s what I assume when I see blue and red flames like that, anyways.

Dive into the Hearts

Kingdom Hearts IV wasn’t the only news today, though. Square Enix also showed off Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link, a new game for iOS and Android where players embark on adventures and fight battles against the Heartless. There seems to be a system where the player character uses figures of popular KH characters for special attacks, too. A closed beta is planned for 2022.

The final chapter of Kingdom Hearts Dark Road is also set for August 2022, as a free update to Kingdom Hearts Union χ Dark Road.

An announcement of a new Kingdom Hearts is pretty exciting, with the most recent numbered entry only having launched in 2019. It took many long years to get from Kingdom Hearts II to III, so the hope is that the wait for Kingdom Hearts IV won’t be so long. Square Enix hasn’t set a release date or window just yet, though. Either way, hopes are high for Kingdom Hearts fans’ futures.