Kingdom Hearts now has its own adorable Funko figures


With one glaring omission

The more Funko Pop! figures hit the market, the more I drown in them. Avoiding them at first because of their cheap looking design, I eventually gave in when when I found a Homer Simpson one. Then a Mr. Peabody. Then Power Rangers. Thirty figures and chunks of money later, I buy whatever I like to look at. Case in point this new line of Kingdom Hearts figures.

You’ve got the entire Kingdom Hearts goof troop here: Donald, Goofy, Chip and Dale, King Mickey, and even Pete. I love fighting heartless with Donald and Goofy and the kid who isn’t good enough for a pop figure yet. I mean, it’s not like the series is build around this nameless child anyway.

The Kingdom Hearts Funko line lands in April. Maybe it’ll soothe the pain of not playing Kingdom Hearts 3before the heat death of the Earth.

Coming Soon: New Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Kingdom Hearts! [Funko]