Kirby invades Japanese gachapon machines with awesome Planet Robobot toys


Gotta buy em all

If you’ve ever been or want to visit Japan, like toys, and enjoy a little bit of that rush that comes with gambling, you should try out the gachapon machines. Though not exactly a secret anymore, it’s fun putting in a couple dollars (that really feels like quarters since they’re coins) to try and get the bite-sized toy or keychain you want. I almost never do sadly.

Now there will be Kirby: Planet Robobotmachines featuring several of the robot versions found in game. All the robots look pretty sweet, I’d want a figure-sized one if I collected figures (I don’t; I’m not that far gone yet), but I know when I try I’ll end up with the standard Kirby with goggles.

Kirby Planet Robobot Capsule Toys [Japanese Nintendo]