Kirby: Star Allies will be getting new friends and challenges this month


I <3 Secretary Susie

Nintendo has revealed a third update currently in preparation for Switch title Kirby: Star Allies. The update, which will arrive at the end of this month, brings some new content for the colourful platformer.

The first addition comes in the form of three new “Dream Friends”, joining the roster to help the pink blob on his merry way; Magalor, Taranza, and the adorable Secretary Susie will provide Kirby with backup and special skills to help him traverse hazards and defeat enemies. Magalor can call in huge weaponry, Taranza has mastery of plant life, and Susie comes equipped with a high-tech blaster and a full mech suit. Nerf this.

Also being added to Star Allies is the new “Another Dimension Heroes” mode. Unlocked after completion of the main storyline, it will allow Kirby and pals to solve new puzzles and take on a series of beefed-up boss characters, before facing up to the Jambastion mages.

You can check out the new content in the trailer below, ahead of its release on November 30. Kirby: Star Allies is available now on Nintendo Switch.