Kirby: Star Allies will have a cute cinch bag as a pre-order/launch bonus



Kirby: Star Allies is releasing next week and Nintendo has revealed a pre-order/launch day bonus for the game. US gamers who grab the game from Target and Canadian gamers who buy it from Microplay or EB Games will walk home with Kirby’s wonderful pink face on their backs. The bag is also reversible and has the box art on the other side.

This may not be the best incentive to buy a game on launch (or pre-order), but I’m a much bigger fan of physical bonuses instead of digital ones. I have a decent collection of things that GameStop used to hand out (like the amazing Viewtiful Joe bobble head) and I really wish things like that would come back.

Kirby: Star Allies Cinch Bag Bonus Revealed [Siliconera]