Kitana has a 'Mournful' Jade-based variation in Mortal Kombat X


Get staffed

All of Mortal Kombat X‘s fighters have three variations that allow for slightly different play styles. A few weeks back, NetherRealm confirmed Jade would not be making it into Mortal Kombat X, but her spirit lives on with Kitana’s “Mournful” variant. It gives her Jade’s staff and slicey boomerang.

Kitana continues fan fighting with her more traditional Royal Storm and Assassin variations, though the former leans more towards defense and zoning while the latter gets in close for damage.

We’ve got more from our recent Mortal Kombat X preview here. Also I initially typo’d that as “Kokbat” and, man, that should be a game or a parody video or something, somehow.