Klavier rocks out in this short Apollo Justice video clip


The port looks super great, too

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney will be hitting the 3DS at the end of the month and the Japanese collector’s package comes with a soundtrack CD. Included on that CD are some brand new songs based around the different characters in the game, including the exceptional prosecutor Klavier Gavin. Capcom has uploaded some short clips to YouTube and they are definitely worth a watch.

If you don’t fancy the music, at least you’ll get a good look at how the new 3DS port compares to the DS original. That sprite work looks quite great and it actually makes me interested in picking up the Ace Attorney Trilogy alongside this. I do think the original DS versions are more than competent, though.

As a refresher, Apollo Justice will be hitting the 3DS eShop on November 21 in the US, November 22 in Japan and November 23 in Europe. Japan will also get the aforementioned collector’s package, which does look nifty.

3DS『逆転裁判4』 MV 王泥喜法介(CV KENN) [YouTube]

3DS『逆転裁判4』 MV 牙琉響也(CV 楠田敏之) [YouTube]