Knightfall has drifting horses and daring knights, and it's free today


Grab this before it gets a price tag

Publisher and developer Landfall has announced a game that would, given the date, seem like an April Fools’ joke. It is not. Knightfall: A Daring Journey is very real, and very free, for one day only.

Out now on Steam, Knightfall: A Daring Journey is a multiplayer game where players can team up to ride against other knights. The goal is the rose, lying in wait at journey’s end. Each pair of knights—you can either party up or get matched—is racing for it.

When night arrives, though, so does the cold. Knights have to take shelter in villages, which means jockeying not just for a trophy but for a bed. As the journey wears on, fewer and fewer villages will appear. And those who arrive first get their pick of weapons and healing.

Did I mention your horse can drift?

It being April 1 and all, yes, I verified this is a real and playable game. And it’s actually pretty fun! Landfall are no slouches in making interesting games, whether it’s leaping across vehicular chaos in Clustertruck or the well-known Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.

What I dig about Knightfall is its fun mix of clunky weapons and speedy steeds. I had to lead my pistol shots a bit, in a way that felt weighty. It stirred up some memories of Sea of Thieves in that way, plus the horse drifting is really fun to dial in.

If you’re hurting for something to play with a pal this weekend, you could do a lot worse than Knightfall. And either way, you should probably redeem it on Steam here today. Once it’s April 2, the price goes from free up to $5.99. Still just some change for some pretty fun multiplayer horse-drifting action, but hey, free’s free.