Knock me over with a feather, there's gonna be a new Madden game this year


Terrell Owens leads the charge

In a flashy show of presumption, EA Sports has announced Madden NFL 19which is a video game that will release on August 10, 2018. That’s before 2019! What if the nuclear apocalypse wipes out all of mankind before next year? EA and the entire automotive industry will really have egg on their faces then!

Barring extinction, this will be the 29th consecutive year with a Madden NFLgame. It will be better than Madden NFL 18but worse than Madden NFL 20. This game will focus on “Real Player Motion” technology, custom draft classes, and Ultimate Team. That’s for the deep-divers who want to know about the incremental progress made in this year’s iteration. For everyone else, simply knowing it’s again the best digital representation of football will be enough of a selling point.

While EA hasn’t revealed the Madden NFL 19cover athlete, it has assigned a former superstar to the “Hall of Fame” edition. The star-spiking, football-autographing, driveway sit-up doer Terrell Owens graces the box art for the more expensive version of the game. Owens was chosen presumably because he was voted into the Hall of Fame this year, which is two years later than he should’ve been voted into the Hall of Fame.