Knuckle Sandwich looks weird as heck


Big nose strikes again

I have no idea what’s going on in Knuckle Sandwich. It looks goofy, full of people with weird noses and boring day jobs. But apparently, there are monsters and cults, random low-poly character models, and knives too.

Basically, Knuckle Sandwich looks like a messy ball of creativity. I dig it.

A recent trailer shares a handful of the strange things that players can do in Knuckle Sandwich. It’s chock full of bits, painting the game as a scattershot experience where nothing’s off limits. Combat? Check. Hamburgers? You betcha’. A random workout segment that makes the main character look like a bizarro Richard Simmons? Hell yeah.

Apparently, all of its off-beat elements come together in a story that deals with gangs, cults, a missing persons case, and a run-down diner. That checks all the right boxes for me.

Knuckle Sandwich‘s comically-shaped noses are planned to release on PC and Mac sometime in the future.