Koei Tecmo is still encouraged by Nioh's sales two years after launch: it just hit 2.5 million worldwide


I’m glad we’re already getting Nioh 2

Pictured: me spiritually when I think about starting another Niohplaythrough.

It took me by surprise back in 2017 when it dropped at the start of the year and never really let go as the months went on. I was constantly drawn to it, whether through the promise of another full run or the relatively challenging and extensive New Game Plus options.Just as a lot of people were losing faith when it came to Team Ninja as a studio they completely turned things around with Nioh on top of Hyrule Warriors(a joint effort with Omega Force).

That love has no end, it seems. The publisher notes that as of this week Nioh has sold over 2.5 million worldwide. To celebrate Team Ninja has a special illustration for the occasion and they remind us that Nioh 2 is indeed in the works. Nioh 2 currently doesn’t even have a firm release window but we can expect more info soon enough.

Koei Tecmo Europe [Twitter]