Koei Tecmo missed a big announcement for the 15th anniversary of Warriors, so expect it this year instead


A ‘big’ surprise

You can’t really fault Koei Tecmo for pushing back the 15th anniversary of Dynasty Warriorsgiven what they’ve been working on in 2015. From Hyrule WarriorsDLC to the 3DS port to Attack on Titan(their first PS4-centric project), they’ve had their hands full. But they promise next year they’ll make it right, with a “big announcement.” A complete reboot/re-telling of the series with a current-gen development focus could be cool.

As a side note, it’s interesting that the publisher is not counting the first actual Dynasty Warriorstitle, which was a fighting game released in 1997. Instead, it’s starting its history from 2000, when the hack-and-slash oriented Dynasty Warriors 2was introduced.

Koei Tecmo [Game City.ne.jp via Gematsu]