Kojima continues to tease Death Stranding with 'Create the Rope' video


You tell me

Hideo Kojima has tweeted out yet another abstract video to tease his upcoming project Death Stranding, one in a long line of mysterious clips, messages and teasers to build hype for the surreal looking sci-fi title.

In the 30-second video, a handprint appears against a fluid background, with indiscernible cinematics playing within, this is followed by the slow fade-in of the words “Create The Rope”. It’s suitably weird stuff, and I love that so many are enjoying applying crazy theories and ideas as to how Kojima’s images and phrases relate to the long-awaited title.

Personally, my interest has pretty much waned at this point, and I just kind of want to see the game in action and get the lowdown on what Death Stranding is, how it works, and when I can try it out. It can’t be denied that this smoke-and-mirrors approach is unique, and people seem to be hooked into the mystery, so it’s clearly working for some. With E3 on the horizon, we may see Kojima Productions show its hand soon.

Death Stranding is currently in development for PS4.

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