Kojima playing a bunch of arcade games is a real daymaker


HideoTube episode #3

Designer Hideo Kojima attended the Game On exhibition in Tokyo and brought along writer/editor/best bud Kenji Yano, who has now officially joined the new Kojima Productions, for some wholesome arcade-fueled fun. I didn’t know I needed to see these two compete at Pong until now.

My favorite bit, aside from Kojima cheering “Galaga!” while rushing up to the cabinet and immediately wailing on the buttons, is the pair trying Mario Bros. together. Yano “accidentally” almost bumps Kojima into a fireball and laughs, causing him to get a little worked up. “Yano-san! You’re not doing it right. You have to go back up once they’re down and do this. Yano-san! Come on man!”

Just two 50-something-year-old men reliving arcade memories. Delightful.