Kojima Productions moves offices, 'stores iconic hallway on the Metaverse'


‘We decided to store it as digital data’

The Kojima Productions offices are moving, after five long years at the incredibly memorable Tokyo location.

Odds are you’ve seen pictures of the aforementioned office at some point, whether it’s the super long “Ludens hallway” or via the numerous shots in the Conan O’Brien tour. Well, now that exact layout is gone. Several days ago Kojima confirmed the news, stating:

“Today is the day we say goodbye to the entrance, the Ludens hallway, and the kitchen that have been our home for a little over five years. Many memories come to mind. Farewell ????????”

Suffice to say an exact reason wasn’t given for the move, or how the new Kojima Productions offices will stack up: all we know at the moment is that he’s hard at work on a new game. Oh, and in true Kojima fashion, he’s “storing part of it in the Metaverse.” Several days after announcing that he had packed up and left, Kojima himself tweeted out that the “iconic entrance” (but is it as iconic as an Ubisoft hat?) was being stored as digital data via video and VR, since it “could no longer be physically moved or stored.”

I wouldn’t put it past him to just straight up put the hallway in a playable opening credits scene in his next game; or even a random hallway in a random section of said game as an Easter egg.