Kojima's new game will 'challenge different mediums and expressions'


Kojima Productions is working on another ‘big title’

Although we might be waiting a bit for Kojima’s new game beyond Death Stranding, we do know that it will “challenge different mediums and expressions,” according to the auteur himself.

Speaking to Famitsu as part of the outlet’s annual New Year check-in, Hideo Kojima took some time to reflect on his next project, which is currently underway at Kojima Productions. Here’s what he had to say when asked about future plans (as translated by Gematsu):

“A big title, and a title that’s a new challenge. As the boundaries of entertainment disappear in the near future, I’d like to make this a year that we take a step forward into challenging different mediums and expressions.”

While we already knew that Kojima’s new game was happening, it’s always fun to check in with Kojima and see where he’s going to zig and zag. He’s constantly talking up his projects, but hopefully this one will actually follow through with the above missive.

Kojima’s last thing is the Death Stranding Director’s Cut, which came out earlier this year and built upon the foundation of the base game from 2019. But I think folks are ready for something new, especially those who weren’t taken by Death Stranding in the first place.

While I appreciated the delivery simulator with a twist for what it was, I hope his new project is a little less esoteric from a gameplay perspective; at the very least, it’ll be easier to talk about with more people!